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Saw this outside a store near my house, please spread! This is in the Spring Valley area of San Diego, but please spread it in case any of your followers are from around here!
is this groot

I could end my blog with this photo and I’d have no regrets it’s perfect

So that’s basically what I’m going to do. This is it guys. I said 40000 posts and I’m gone. 
1)First though i’m going to insert a pic for those who tagged me in that handwriting thing cos yea

2) I’ve been procrastinating this post for a while now. Instead of posting I’ve just been lurking about and liking things. And I feel bad, cos I care about you guys, and you guys even care about me from the few messages I’ve received from people wondering of my existence.
But it is high time I scat on outta here.  
I can’t say tumblr has been the best experience - it quite clearly ruined my life - but, I can say tumblr has made me a better person in a lot of ways, and allowed me to meet a bunch of cool people who I hope to stay in touch with(and maybe call my friends?). 
So a lot of you may be wondering why. Why leave such a great place huh? 
Well there’s a lot of reasons. The twisted views on social justice. The embarrassing juvenile feeling that accompanies having a tumblr or speaking about it in the real world. The hundreds of lovely hours of my life wasted because they were spent here instead of out in the real world. And I guess, the pure fact that we can’t stay here forever. 
I guess what I’m emphasizing here is that I need the real world. I need to stop living behind a computer screen. I just want to go out and live for once in my life, because now is the time to do it. I’ve been so caught up with “what’s on my social media” and “do i have any notifications?” it just makes me even sadder and depressed than I already am. Tumblr is just one of the many social media I’m considering just removing all together from my life. 
Another thing I’m emphasizing is impermanence. I am so conservative. I like things being the same. I order the exact same thing whenever I go to McDonald’s and if I can’t it makes me uncomfortable. I fall into habits and end up getting stuck in ruts that make me want to scratch my eyeballs out. Getting rid of this website from my life can hopefully change things up enough for me to get out of habits and get me to see my life and the world from a whole other different perspective. 
Tumblr has made me a new person - a self aware feminist who is a whole lot more educated in a lot of ways. And the people are truly amazing. Trust me it’s been really difficult for the past couple of months for me not to come here and spill my heart out whenever I get sad, cos there were always a handful of people ready and there to comfort me. But this is the real world, and I have to learn to deal with things without running to others for help. I have moved on past this stage in life. 
Anyways, in terms of my status on here - I will be keeping my account but there will be no more posts. I’ll continue to possibly like things here and there, and answer messages(privately - so no anons please! don’t worry i wont judge) but really nothing that would be improving your dashboard. I do understand if that means you want to unfollow me. May we go our separate ways. I do hope we can  stay in touch though - atleast the ones who want to put the effort,
If we were close, please don’t hesitate to ask for other social media handles, usernames etc. Also please don’t hesitate if you have some questions about me leaving! this was a tough decision but I’m glad I had all of you for it. Thank you for putting up with my bullshit! 
Who: Chesha(thepurpledare)
What: Chesha(thepurpledare) is leaving tumblr… forever
When: Now. Right now. 
Where: Tumblr
How: a lot of self control
Status: Not posting, possible liking and definite answering of mail (occassionally and only to non anons)
Why: Improper social justice, embarrased, wasted life
Will Miss: Cool people, cats, cool social justice 
How to Contact: Message me for social media/number/whatever(if not already doing so)
Okay I think that’s it. My thoughts are really scattered at the moment so I’m sorry if you read that mess. My point is, I’m moving on, and I hope you do soon too. Because you deserve so much. Because there are better things in life waiting for you dear. And because you’re awesome. And Because I love You.
Almost as much as I love cats. 

crappy birthday 


When Robin opens the window, she points out her shotgun. Turns out, Ted has been stalking her for the past twenty five years, after their break up, she and Ted never remained friends. The stories Ted has been telling his children are all made up. Robin has finally have enough of his obsession, she tells Ted the cops are on their way, and if he doesn’t leave now, she’ll blow him to pieces.

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The game is this: I set up five pairs of identical looking shots:  pineapple juice or lemon juice,  Chinese sugar tea or apple cider vinegar,  flat coke or soy sauce,  water or distilled white vinegar,  and tomato juice or Tabasco sauce.
I challenge a player in the circle to a color. They pick one and I take the other, with our best poker faces. Other players have to guess who got what.
It’s like the Princess Bride/A Study in Pink but no one gets poisoned!


people that call you by just your last name

  • gym teachers/coaches
  • someone that wants to challenge you to a battle to the death

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Deflate when writing prose; inflate when writing essays for school.

Procrastinating on finding ways to add one page to my essay to get the page requirement! Thank you so much.

Thanks man

I’m not in school anymore, but here.
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